Robert B. Warren

Lived between Hawaii & the North West 

Later on the West Coast

Traveled early by plane, train and automobile.

My photo collection begins as early as 1972.

98% of my photos began in Seattle in 1985.

And continued in the 1990's around North Seattle.

I traveled to Hawaii many times.

Then in 2005, I left Seattle & and began photographing Arizona, Oragon, Utah, Wyoming & Montana.

My father taught me how a camera works. Back then, it was on some level easier to be more precise than with a modern camera now.

I carried my camera into the mountains backpacking. Mostly I liked the alpine regions above the tree line where the marmots live and the bear grass grows.

Mostly now I seek clean air and open spaces. I live in Union, Washington.

521 5th Avenue 17th Floor
New York, NY 10175