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A Series In Nature III


Book Title: A Series in Nature III by Robert Warren


Pictures speaks a thousand words. It may tell us about the current weather, unforgettable memories and just simply shows the beauty within the frame. As someone who loves to capture the best of the moment, photography is a medium I appreciate on a personal note. Having a camera during traveling is one thing we would never miss just because we want to immortalize the scenery in squares and rectangle frames.


Robert Warren knows the best for showing more the beauty of nature in his travels in the book A Series in Nature III. The prologue in the book describes about the idea of imagining which is a creative process of life itself. The imagery we have in sight in our life is one creative thing we can treasure in life. One of them is the nature in our planet. As you turn pages in the book, there are series of photographs taken from the places of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Canyon Lands, Montana, California, Wyoming, and Sonoran.


The floral line is one fascinating visuals in this book because it showcases different breeds of flowers in the place such as Skagit Valley tulips pink, Red Tulips, Washington Caledonia Poppies and Wallingford Flowers. The photos of the seascapes in Oregon are truly a delight of sight. It takes you on the time you were walking beside the beach, sun kissed in summertime and the natural sea breeze touching your skin. Everything feels so serene and beautiful. The series of mountain visuals from Nevada and Canyon Lands also presents an amazing visual on land formation you will never see in our daily life in the city. This is also an experience of great escape like being lost in somewhere and crossing over the boundaries of nature we never thought would be this appealing.


Nevertheless, having A Series in Nature III by Robert Warren placed in the collection on your bookshelf is one treasure to have. Not only it gives you pleasure looking into different visuals of nature, but it also gives us inspiration in reaching our highest goals, aspirations, and dreams in our lifetime.


Robert B. Warren's A Series in Nature III will most certainly inspire and enliven you, sending you on journeys to lands far away without even requiring you to leave your own house. It's a picture book that will take you on a fascinating journey across our natural world, presenting you enthralling stories without even using any words.

Nature scenes, in fact, nurture our brains in a magical way that the city cannot, and it does not matter whether the scene is real or a snapshot of a natural setting. So, in this book, prepare yourself to be captivated by the beauty of the region as you drive the breathtaking coastline path of Oregon, next to the pink and scarlet tulips of Washington, down to the Salt River Canyon of Canyon Lands. Also, A Series in Nature III will give you the opportunity to witness beautiful natural scenes in Nevada, Montana, California, Arizona, Wyoming, and the Sonoran Desert—all in one volume!

In effect, this book full of natural scenery will help increase our productivity, focus, and calmness, all while decreasing the stress we face due to our brain’s mysterious connection to these images, which will aid us rejuvenate our spirit.

Furthermore, every photograph in the book was flawlessly taken from a favorable vantage point with ideal lighting, making it more engaging to communicate a tale without the use of words at all. Robert B. Warren also emphasized in A Series in Nature III about the creative process of life and how it has the capacity to produce something fresh and fascinating in the midst of an often-tumultuous existence.

Indeed, Robert B. Warren not only demonstrates his photographic abilities, but also his storytelling power. So, if you're hoping to curl up in your own house and chill while escaping the terrible effects of a pandemic, then this book is a perfect pick for you.